Private Classes

Why Private Yoga? 

  1. No Time - Can't make class schedules

  2. Fundamentals - I don't know how to do yoga, I'm not flexible enough/strong enough

  3. Confidence - I'm scared to do yoga in front of other people, I'm going to embarrass myself, I'm not good at yoga. 

  4. I want to practice more at home and don't know where to start

How I can help

60 minute in-home private yoga

My Home - $100

Your home - $125

Private Group Yoga


Host your own event
Offsite Locations only – $40/head with a minimum $175 spend

Please email to book your session.

Corporate Classes

Yoga with your team is a great way to build team morale, reduce stress and increase productivity for your team. A private class for your office is perfect for any time of year. Classes can be customized based on what your team is looking for and the experience level of the staff. Class styles can be traditional hatha, power, vinyasa, or yin. Chair Yoga is also available as an option if time is limited and experience level is minimal to none. Meditation and themed classes are great options as well. Themes such as Hip Hop Yoga, Acoustic Flow or Stress Melt Flow are always a hit and get people excited to take a break and practice yoga. My classes are suitable for all levels, and new students are welcome. Flexibility not required! 

If you are interested in hosting a class for your team please contact me at and we can get started on creating your custom class! 

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