Yoga in Bed - 10 Minutes or Less to Destress

COVID-19 may have you feeling like you just don't wanna go anywhere. Many of you are likely working from home or aren't working at all. Yoga during this time can help keep you steady and at ease. It can help you keep a positive attitude and practice gratitude. I'm grateful for the extra time I'm getting to spend with my 4-month old son during this pandemic. It's filled with joy and love (and a little frustration too haha)

Here are 3 accessible, easy poses I like to practice up against the headboard first thing in the morning. My wife and I will often wake up and swing our legs around together to spend our "snooze time" gently waking up our bodies.


Depending on your low back and hamstrings you may prefer some space between your bum and the wall/headboard. No need to be flush against the wall. Find comfort and ease. Bend your knees for tight hamstrings. Allow your feet to relax. Let gravity hold your legs up. Be effortless. Minimum 10 deep breaths. Count each one as a mindfulness exercise to keep your attention present. Got extra time? Spend anywhere from 5-10 minutes in this pose alone while listening to a soothing, meditative sound track.


From legs up the wall, place your cross your right ankle above your knee, resting on your quad. Slowly let your left heel slide down towards your left glute. Stop when you feel moderate sensation in your outer right hip/glute area. Minimum 10 breaths for each side. Come out of the pose exactly as you entered. Slowly extend your left leg by sliding your heel up towards the ceiling. Release your right foot and extend your leg up to meet your left foot. You can linger in legs up the wall for a minute or so before you switch sides or keep a continuous flow and move into your twist on the right side.


Stack both knees on top of one another and let your knees slide to one side. Place a pillow between your knees for added support. Your eyes can remain up towards the sky or, if it's comfortable for your neck, look in the opposite direction of your knees. Minimum 10 breaths. Hold for up to 3 minutes per side if you have the time.

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