Private Arm Balance Workshop


A private 2 Hours Arm Balance Workshop just for you!


Get personalized instruction to help you build strength and compassion in your practice on and off your mat. Physically challenging poses like Arm Balances can help nudge us closer to our edge and allow us an opportunity to discover something new. In this private workshop you will learn to toe the line between effort and ease and feel stronger, lighter and clearer than ever before. 


Together we will work on the foundations required for all headstands, handstands and forearm stands by breaking down the importance of Chaturunga and how to strengthen your Vinyasa practice. We follow up with breakdowns of Crow Pose, Lolasana, Baby Grasshopper and 8 Angle Pose to round out our time together. 


This workshop is held at a location in Downtown Toronto. Contact me directly for online sessions. No refunds.

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