My Top 3 Fall Favourites

As nature transitions it's natural for our lives to feel extra busy and filled with transition as well. Whether it's post Thanksgiving, Halloween or the inevitable rush of the holiday season being around the corner, there can be a lot happening. Be patient with yourself and make sure to carve out time for rest as you settle into the Fall season. It's the perfect time of year for a little hibernation with your fall favourites. #netflixandchill

Here's my top three healthy ways to let go of summer and embrace the new season.

1. Golden Milk Lattes

Turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory spice and it's perfectly warming for this season. You can even sprinkle it on your eggs and in your smoothies. I follow this recipe that calls for a turmeric paste that you can make at home. I recently discovered Truly Turmeric at Whole Foods which is derived from the actual turmeric root instead of the powder. I find it convenient and easy to have on hand to whip up a latte or add to my smoothies. Make sure to get the one with black pepper as it helps your body with nutrient absorption.

2. Bone Broth

I try my best to make this at home when I can but living in a condo means you smell like chicken for days. For an odour free and convenient alternative I often swing by Impact Kitchen and grab a mason jar or two of their freshly made, in-house broth. It doesn't last very long at home as Alex and I both love sipping on broth. Plus, they give away a free 8oz cup to go when you make your purchase. They even have a vegan broth option!

I pretty much love all things Impact Kitchen. They make a great butter coffee and turmeric latte as well. With locations in Corktown, Adelaide West and Summerhill I'm almost always a short detour away from giving them all my money.

3. Sweaters and Socks

Yup. This one's pretty simple. Nothing like putting my Champions Raptors hoodie on with a pair of camp socks on a Sunday afternoon. I love to cozy up on the couch for sports or Netflix as often as possible in preparation for my winter hibernation. And in case you were wondering Impact Kitchen is also on Uber Eats. LOL.

Happy Fall Season Everyone! What are your favourites? Comment below to share. I'd love to try something new.

Namaste :)

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