The Yoga Leadership Program

Launch your Yoga Career - Self Guided Workbook

What You Get: ​

  • How to capitalize on networking to establish a strong community in studios and with fellow teachers, leading to teaching jobs, referrals and learning opportunities.

  • How (and why) to say yes to everything - when someone comes knocking answer the door and watch the future unfold.

  • How to get online strategically. 

  • How to create a sustainable self practice and maintain self-care as teaching schedules ramp up.

  • How to get practical experience teaching, giving, and getting feedback.

One on One Virtual Mentorship

What You Get:


  • Includes the workbook + 3 coaching calls

  • A guide to hands on assists

  • How to prepare for auditions

  • Practice off the mat teaching

  • Get constructive feedback and Q&A

  • For experienced teachers

    • Learn to ease burnout​

    • Learn to teach more efficienlty

    • Injury proof your teaching practice

Why Mentorship?

In my experience, I have personally felt there is a gap in development, support and feedback in the world of teaching yoga. Not often is it that someone is there to give you guidance and support as you move along your journey. It can be tough since our peers and can also be our competitors. It's hard to know how to network, know what's working, what's not working and staying committed through it all. How do you know if what you are teaching is being received well? How do you know what to improve upon without spending thousands of dollars on more training? 

The biggest lesson I impart on the yoga teachers that I mentor is this: being successful isn’t about spending all your money on your training. It’s just as much about your mindset and how you approach your practice and your business. I believe I have a formula that provides value and valuable insight for the ever growing population of NEWLY certified yoga teachers. The reality is there are more teachers wanting to teach than jobs available. My program is meant to give you some guidance and ways to stand out above the rest. I believe we are in a unique time where people want to leave their corporate jobs to do more good in the world. People are looking too yoga as a part or full time career option alongside other passion projects to provide for their lifestyle needs and I want to give you the tools to grow and evolve into the best possible teachers." 



"Im so happy and grateful I got the opportunity to be mentored by Jaffer. It really was a career game changer for me."

Jaffer Yoga

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