The Balance of Power

A Power Yoga Revolution

I learned from my teachers to believe that Power Yoga is meant to go beyond physical strength and allow students to develop powerful qualities like patience, compassion and gratitude. I never understood why so many power classes skip the benefits of flexibility, extended mat work, proper cool downs and, most importantly, Savasana. In the Balance of Power I encourages students to find their own power in every pose and challenge you in a variety of ways, whether it's a long plank or 5 minutes in Pigeon Pose (on one side). The practice itself is designed to be 90 minutes or longer to offer a complete practice that blends elements from Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga and Yin Yoga in ONE class. Students will leave feeling light, free, energetic, crystal clear, calm and connected! The experience is often layered with fun music and hands-on enhancements for an affordable, accessible price. Because health and wellness needs to be valued higher than your wallet and doesn't have to involve breaking the bank. My inspiration comes from my great friend dallas delahunt who is an outstanding yoga teacher in Kingston, Ontario. She draws her inspiration from Bryan Kest in Santa Monica, California. If you are ever in those cities, I highly encourage you to take a with these amazing individuals. 

Next Event is Sunday May 7th, 2017 featuring my dear friend Holly Ouellette who will serenade you with her marvelous voice and guitar acoustics throughout class. Please join us on this lovely Sunday Afternoon where you will have the chance to win TWO FREE tickets to the Muskoka Yoga Festival this July! 

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